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The world of Sollette is a complex place. The many races that now flourish on the planet can all trace their origin back to one catalyst: The Demonic Invasion. Now you are flung into the past to confront this perilous time for yourself.
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 New Paragon Path: Phoenix Disciple

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PostSubject: New Paragon Path: Phoenix Disciple   New Paragon Path: Phoenix Disciple I_icon_minitime14th March 2013, 2:20 pm

Phoenix Disciple
Drawing on the power of the immortal Phoenix.

New Paragon Path: Phoenix Disciple Power_of_the_Phoenix_by_Hardedge_Maelstrom
Image used with permission from

Prerequisite: Divine power source

Phoenix Disciple Path Features

One With Light and Flame (Level 11): You gain resist Fire 5+½ your level and resist Radiant 5+½ your level.

Sudden Rebirth (Level 11): When you are first bloodied in an encounter you can use your Fiery Rebirth attack as a free action and it does not count as a use of the power for the encounter.

Sunlight's Flight (Level 16): You gain overland flight with a speed of 12.

Phoenix Disciple Powers

Fiery Rebirth Phoenix Disciple Attack 11
Encounter * Fire, Radiant
Minor Action
Close burst 2
Targets: All creatures in burst
Attack: Strength + 4 vs. Reflex, Constitution + 4 vs. Reflex, or Charisma + 4 vs. Reflex
Hit: 2d6 + Constitution modifier fire and radiant damage. Increase to +6 bonus and 3d6 + Constitution modifier fire and radiant damage at 21st level.
Effect: You and each ally in burst gain temporary hit points equal to your Strength, Constitution or Charisma modifier.
Special: When you take this path, choose Strength, Constitution, or Charisma as the ability score you use when making attack rolls and amount of temporary hit points with this power.

Upon Wings of Light Phoenix Disciple Utility 12
Move Action Personal
: You fly a number of squares equal to your speed. You must land at the end of this movement.

Firebird's Aura Phoenix Disciple Attack 20
Daily * Fire, Radiant, Stance
Minor Action
Effect: You assume the Firebird's Aura stance. Until the stance ends, enemies who begin their turn adjacent to you take ½ your level fire and radiant damage. Allies who begin their turn adjacent to you gain ½ their healing surge value temporary hit points.

If you have any questions or concerns, please PM me and I will address it as soon as I am able.
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New Paragon Path: Phoenix Disciple
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