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The world of Sollette is a complex place. The many races that now flourish on the planet can all trace their origin back to one catalyst: The Demonic Invasion. Now you are flung into the past to confront this perilous time for yourself.
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 Changes to races

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PostSubject: Changes to races   Changes to races I_icon_minitime3rd June 2010, 11:02 pm

Players Handbook Races:

Dragonborn: The dragonborn are descendants of the race of dragons. Although the dragonborn are considerably weaker than their powerful ancestors, they still consider themselves superior to all other races. They seclude themselves on an island continent and rarely journey across the waters. The main goal of their civilization is to regain the glory they once had. They've tried many different ways to become dragons once more but no one knows if they have had any success. The continued lack of dragons is the only sign that they are still experimenting. Although there are some exceptions, most dragonborn would rather kill a stranger than say hello. There are even rumors of them taking slaves.

Playing as a dragonborn will be very difficult. Everyone will mistrust you and assume the worst of you. Your character will have a hard time getting anyone to trust him/her.


Dwarves: Dwarves were once humans. However, during the great divide, their ancestors chose to hide under mountains and create subterranean fortresses. They quickly learned to work the ores of the earth into masterpieces that knew no rival. It is due to their mining ability that their life-spans have been extended. Innate magic, trapped in the earth, is released as they dig. The magic strengthens their bodies and allows them to live far beyond their original life-span. Over time the magic also changed their bodies, condensing them to better work underground. Recently mines are drying up with little ore to be found. Some of the smaller dwarven nations are coming together in order to survive. Uniting under one roof to share food and resources.

Playing as a dwarf will not be too different than playing one in any other game.


Eladrin: Eladrin are natives of the feywild and have been un-affected by the dying world. It seems that the feywild is not sharing the same fate as Sollette. The eladrin were once a cruel and savage species. During the great divide they captured many human slaves and brought them to work in their world. They seperated the slaves into two groups. Those that tended the fields and did manual labor under the sun, and those that worked under the ground, mining ore and working in the smithies. The natural magic of the feywild started to change the enslaved humans. Those that worked under the sun became the elves and those that worked underground became the drow.

Eladrin are reviled and hated across Sollette. Elves will attack and kill them on sight.


Elves: The elves were once humans, enslaved by the eladrins during the great divide. They were forced to toil under the feywild sun, working in the fields to bring in food for their harsh masters. Generations of living in the magical realm caused changes to come over the humans. Their life-spans magnified tenfold and their eye-sight became sharp and focused. The physical changes were minute, and little changed save for their ears and their inability grow hair except on their heads. After generations of slavery they finally revolted against their masters. Uniting with their underground cousins they managed to topple the capitol city of the eladrins, Lorrasea. They eventually found a way back to Sollette and have taken to living in the forests. In the present day, their forests are dwindling and fading fast, leaving countless elves homeless. Elf means 'free' in the eladrin language.

Elves are well regarded across Sollette. They will attack and kill Eladrin on sight.


Half-Elves: Half-elves are the product of an elf and human mating. They share many qualities with each parent and have an averaged life-span between the two.

Half-Elves are not different than in any other game.


Halflings: Some dwarves eventually decided to return to the surface, seeing the changes that had overcome them to be unnatural. Though most dwarves didn't like it, they let them leave. Those that left settled in the nearby forests, close to streams and rivers for the source of fish. They settled in quickly and carved out an existence for themselves. Generations of catching fish with spears and dodging hostile wildlife taught the settlers to be quick and agile. Their bodies adapted to the new lifestyle and they slimmed down. Prominent rivers and streams are starting to dry up and there are those among the halflings that feel they should return underground.

Currently halflings are split into two groups. Those who wish to eke out their living above ground and those that wish to return to the dwarves. You should decide which group your character belongs to when you make a halfling adventurer.


Humans: Humans are the most prominent race on Sollette. They are adaptable and quick witted, able to fit in almost anywhere. They have created great cities and empires, only to have them fall in a few hundred years. Ancient ruins dot the landscapes and most humans have shifted to a more nomadic lifestyle. Travelling from area to area, following the dwindling herds of their prey. Some say that they have fallen far, others are comfortable with their simple existence. There are still a few great cities still standing, though. Massive centers of commerce and learning, they are the last vestiges of civilization.

Most humans are nomads and live in tribes. Although this wouldn't limit their class choices it does give an excellent opportunity to flavor any particular class. You can also be a human from one of the few existing cities.


Tieflings: During the Demonic Invasion demons attacked the world. As massive armies clashed together, entire villages were captured to be toyed with and enslaved. Most of the humans died but some were merely tainted by the demonic influence. Left to die, they were left to eke out a meager existence, trying to hide their demonic appearance. But the demons were sloppy and left too many alive. Bands of the tieflings came together and settled new villages. Eventually they carved a new life for themselves. After the Invasion, they revealed themselves to the humans. Most reacted with revulsion and chased them away. Most of them settled in the desert created by the Demonic Invasion. Even today they are treated as second class citizens. Barely tolerated and to be avoided at all costs.

All tieflings are from the Great Divide desert. Humans mistrust and fear them.


Players Handbook 2 Races:

Devas: Devas are travelers from the astral sea. There is no major concentration of them on Sollette. Any deva is merely visiting the world. They are unaffected by the dying planet.

Playing a deva is no different than any other game.


Gnomes: Gnomes are actually halflings that have been affected by the feywild. No one knows why a gnome is occasionally born but they are common enough to be considered a strong minority in the halfling community. Some halfling settlements see the birth of a gnome as an ill-omen, others as a thing to be celebrated. If a gnome mates with another gnome the resulting offspring could be a gnome or a halfling.

Playing a gnome would be little different than in another game. But keep in mind that gnomes are born from halflings.


Goliaths: Goliaths are travelers from the elemental chaos. There is no major concentration of them on Sollette. Any goliath is merely visiting the world. They are unaffected by the dying planet.

Goliaths are not native to Sollette and come from the elemental chaos. Keep this in mind while playing your character.


Half-Orcs: Half-Orcs are the product of a human mating with an orc. They take traits from both parents and are usually looked down upon in the human cities. The nomadic humans do not treat them any differently than any other tribe member. They are invaluable hunters for their great strength and reflexes. Almost all half-orcs live with humans as the orcs will kill them for their human attributes. Very few half-orcs survive in an orc tribe but some exceptions have made names for themselves amongst them.

Playing a half-orc is little different than in any other game. A half-orc raised with the nomadic tribes would usually have a happy life, those in the city would be treated little better than a tiefling. Half-orcs raised by orcs are extremely rare and would have had a tough childhood, being treated more like a slave or a dog than a child.


Shifters: Shifters are the product of elves suffering from lycanthropy mating with healthy elves. They are forever stuck in a bestial form. Most shifters embrace this closer tie to nature and have relatively happy lives. Elves take pity on them and give them just as much attention as regular children. The birth of a shifter does bring attention to the parents, however. Usually lycanthropy is controllable and the afflicted parent is not a threat, but occasionally a werewolf or weretiger must be put down for the good of many. Most shifters prefer to stay out of any city as they feel alien to them.

Shifters are born in elven villages to elven parents and are otherwise little different than in any other game.


Players Handbook 3 Races:

Githzerai: Githzerai are travelers from the elemental chaos. There is no major concentration of them on Sollette. Any githzerai is merely visiting the world. They are unaffected by the dying the planet.

Playing a githzerai is no different than any other game.


Minotaur: Minotaur were created by a demon lord during the great divide. The demon lord was pinned down and losing troops fast when he spotted some nearby cattle. He used a demonic ritual to change the cattle into soldiers for his defense. The newly created minotaur, however, remembered the kindness of the humans and rallied to their aid instead. The demon lord fell quickly the might of beast men and the humans praised them. They've stuck with humans ever since. The minotaur are considered powerful allies in the nomadic life and they are accepted into any human city.

Minotaur are widely accepted by most races except tieflings. The tieflings hold a grudge against them for their easy acceptance with the humans. A tiefling treats a minotaur with barely restrained hostility.


Shardmind: Shardmind are travelers from the astral sea. There is no major concentration of them on Sollette. Any shardmind is merely visiting the world. They are unaffected by the dying the planet.

Playing a shardmind is no different than any other game.


Wilden: Wilden are the planets last dying attempt to survive. They were created to seek a way off of Sollette and seed other worlds with it's essence. Each wilden carries a piece of the planets essence and once it finds a new world it will plant it and care for it until it thrives. This will cause no harm to the host planet and the wilden will nurture the essence until it comes into balance with it's surroundings. The essence is usually a seed that will spread into many different types of Sollette native flora once it is planted.

Playing a wilden means constantly striving for a way off of Sollette with little distraction. Wilden have been molded after the native species and can use any class available to complete it's mission.


Eberron Players Guide Races:

Changeling: Changelings are eladrin that have been infused with magic since their birth. They are designed as spies and assassins. Occasionally one is sent into Sollette to look for weaknesses in the other races defenses. Changelings almost always remain disguised and hardly ever assume their natural form. They are masters at blending in, however, and are excellent spies for their eladrin masters. Few have gone rogue and those that have are always hunted down and destroyed.

Playing a changeling is little different than in other games. A changeling in Sollette is either a pawn of the eladrin or being hunted down for betraying them. An excellent choice for those that want to be kept on their toes.


Kalashtar: Kalashtar are humans that have been exposed to the far realm. Although most are driven insane, there are those that are given powers of the mind. Kalashtar look little different than other humans and few even know of their existence.

A kalashtar isn't played very differently than what book says. They are slightly mad but this doesn't hinder them in any way. Often it can give them a unique insight.


Warforged: Warforged were created by a long forgotten empire that has since fallen to dust. Over time the constructs became aware and started to rebuild the civilization that created them. They have managed to recreate a magnificent city but have no idea what to do with it. Some have begun to wander out into the world to learn more about modern civilizations and what to do with a city. Nomadic humans mistrust them but they have been grudgingly accepted into other civilizations. The dragonborn accept the warforged as equals. No one knows why, but the warforged have learned a great deal from them.

A warforged in Sollette is always seeking to learn. They are also one of the few species that are accepted by the dragonborn. Nomadic humans will not trust them easily, however.


Forgotten Realms Players Guide Races:

Drow: Drow were once humans that were enslaved by the eladrin. Much like the elves, they too were changed by the natural magic of the feywild. But since the drow were forced to work in mines in the darkness, they developed special abilities to survive without light. The drow and elves worked together to escape from their cruel masters but once they had returned to Sollette they could not live together. The elves took to the forests and the drow found companionship with the dwarves. The drow and dwarves are close allies in modern times and live together in their underground fortresses. Recently there have been some groups of drow and dwarves who feel they should no longer share resources. These drow have taken to worshiping an old dark goddess; Lolth, the spider queen. Drow means 'enlightened' in the eladrin language.

Playing a drow will be very different than in another game. Drow are not an evil race. They are close allies of the dwarves and are on good terms with their elven cousins. Although some drow are the stereotypical evil version, those that worship Lolth, they are a minority.

Genasi: Genasi are travelers from the elemental chaos. There is no major concentration of them on Sollette. Any genasi is merely visiting the world. They are unaffected by the dying the planet.

Playing a genasi is little different than in another game. The only difference would be that they hail from the elemental chaos and are not from Sollette.


Other Races:

Any other races you find, whether in the monster manual or in a magazine, are still playable in Sollette. All I ask is that you ask permission to play it and give me a good story about why your character/race fits in on Sollette.

If you have any questions or concerns, please PM me and I will address it as soon as I am able.
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Changes to races
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