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The world of Sollette is a complex place. The many races that now flourish on the planet can all trace their origin back to one catalyst: The Demonic Invasion. Now you are flung into the past to confront this perilous time for yourself.
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 A day in the life.....

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PostSubject: A day in the life.....   A day in the life..... I_icon_minitime20th December 2014, 1:22 am

A paladin of Bahamut stumbles toward the gate of a small rural town. When he reaches the gate he falls unable to get up. The town guards rush over to help the downed paladin.
“I…..must…..I …..must” the paladin gasps.
“Take it easy pal we’ll take you to the doc and he’ll fix you up.” The human guard tries to calm the paladin.
By this time a small crowd had formed. The human guard pulled of the paladin’s helm to reveal the paladin a Drow.
“Strip him of his armor and bind his hands and feet. Then take him to the docs. I want to know the moment he wakes up.” The captain of the guard tells the other two guards
“I say we just kill him now.” One of the men in the crowd shouts. Cheers rose up to that suggestion.
“I’m not going to have a mob on my hands. So everyone go back to your homes.” The captian barked

The Drow was tied to a table in the small Doctors office. The young looking elf woman doctor was examining the Drow.
“Well, doc what’s the verdict?” The captain asked
“I can’t find much of anything really wrong with him other than dehydration. I want to keep him here till he wakes up”
“As soon as he wakes up…” the captain said as he trudges back out the door
“yes, of course”
The doc pulled a small jar off a shelf, opened it, and waved it under the nose of the Drow. His breathing eased almost at once to the point it sounded like he was purring.
“Well that’s a good sign”
With that the Drow opened his eyes.
“just take it easy you collapsed out by the gate. Do you remember?” She asked in a low tone
“I remember very little. That is why I’m here…”
“Hold that thought the captain of the guard will want to hear your story and ask a lot of questions”
With that she stepped out the door to tell the guard to get the captain
Within minutes the captain was there
“well, let’s start with the simple stuff. What’s your name and where do you come from?” the captain asked
“I don’t know who I am, but the monks that found me named me Zebith. I don’t know where I came from, but the last 10 years I’ve been searching for someone that can help me regain my lost memories.”
“so now the million gold coin question way are you here?”
“I came here to restock my provisions and have a hot meal before heading north to the temple of Bahamut to pray”
An explosion rocked the little medical hut
“damn it” the captain swore
“cut me loose, please”
Just then a second explosion rocked the hut
“no, keep him here I’ll be back” the captain yelled as he ran for the door
Just then the door blew in showering the room with broken wood and glass the captain fell backward a piece of wood sticking out of his chest. The elf doctor fumbled with a scalpel to cut Zebith loose. Explosions still rocked the hut as the whole town was being pummeled. By the time that he got his armor on and out to the battle field the fighting was mostly over. Overhead was a green dragon with a rider throwing fire balls destroying everything that moved. On the ground were what looked like two dozen dragonborn soldiers wiping out anything that the dragon overhead didn’t.
“Doctor, we must escape the odds are not in our favor” Zebith yelled in the remains of the hut
When there was no answer he went back inside to see that a shelf had collapsed pinning the elf.
“leave me” the elf said
Zebith ran back into the building and pulled the elf out from the fallen shelf, but the shelf took its toll the elf was badly injured and couldn’t walk
Zebith prayed and used his lay on hands spell the healing energy flowed through his hands to the elf’s broken body.
“we have to hurry. The dragon born fighters are almost here”
They ran through a hole in the back of the hut and over the rubble of the towns wall into the forest and out of sight of the dragon and the dragon born on the ground.
“I don’t understand we’re a peaceful town why would the dragon born attack like that” the elf asked
“they were looking for me I imagine “
“Twenty years ago I awoke to being here with no memory of who or what I was. I wander aimlessly for months stealing what I needed to survive till I was caught. The man that caught me said that he had a dream about me. The dream showed him how to find and catch me. Long story short he became my trainer. After he died ten years ago I was out on my own again trying to find out about my lost memory. About a month ago I ran across this dragon cult. They wanted to sacrifice me to their evil god. Bahamut delivered me from them and I thought that was the last I was going to see them but I was wrong. We need to make it to the temple and warn them”
“how could you bring this down on us?”
“I hadn’t seen them in two weeks. I thought I lost them.”
The elf was crying. He went to comfort her, but she pushed him away
“ we got to get moving if we want to stay ahead of them”
It took another day and a half to reach the temple. They were greeted by the head priest.
“I’ve been expecting you Zebith. The news of your quest has been spoken of for many years now, but I don’t think we can help you any more than any of the other temples.” The priest said in a sorrowful tone.
“There is another problem that my quest has presented. A short while ago a dragon cult started hunting me and they could be on their way here”
“that is not a problem child we have spell casters that can make this temple invisible . let me show you two to your rooms. Then latter I’ll try my hand at your other problem”
“thank you”
The rooms weren’t very luxurious but they would do.
Latter a servant shows Zebith to a room with only a couple of mats and a bowl. Zebith sets across from the priest who begins to pray and puts fire to the bowl. The smoke rises out of the bowel and covers the whole room in smoke……and then Zebith passes out
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PostSubject: Re: A day in the life.....   A day in the life..... I_icon_minitime20th December 2014, 8:12 am

Very nice!

100xp for you!

If you have any questions or concerns, please PM me and I will address it as soon as I am able.
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A day in the life.....
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