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The world of Sollette is a complex place. The many races that now flourish on the planet can all trace their origin back to one catalyst: The Demonic Invasion. Now you are flung into the past to confront this perilous time for yourself.
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 The Man From The Forbidden Isles

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Hayato Sakasuki
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PostSubject: The Man From The Forbidden Isles   The Man From The Forbidden Isles I_icon_minitime23rd June 2014, 7:06 pm

The Forbidden Isles was a group of islands off the coast of the main continent.  Many people dared not venture there, for it had many things unnatural, and unexplainable.  Strange creatures very few eyes had laid upon, mystic abilities being presented that were neither divine nor arcane, and the architecture of the buildings wondrous.  To most, these were odd and feared.

 To the citizens of the Forbidden Isles, this was merely referred to as Hai-Lan, and it was home.  The architecture that was wondrous to outsiders was simply average to the locals and oriental in nature.  The mystic abilities were referred to as ki, which was merely an off-shoot of the psionic abilities displayed in other parts of the world, but instead of coming from the mind, this power came from within the body all together.  And the strange creatures consisted of pandas, hornets larger than average, and the occasional behemoth, which still existed on this island apparently.

  Our story follows a young man from one of the small farming villages of Hai-Lan.  He was a man of slightly above average height, sporting a body honed from years of training under his strict but caring father and short black hair adorned his head.  He wore a simple blue gi with wooden sandals, and a red bandanna was tied around his forehead. He sat on a single boulder within a small pond, his eyes closed, meditating peacefully and listening to the waterfall rushing down behind him.  The area was peaceful... majestic... and then broken by the noise of a figure rushing out from behind the waterfall.  The man opened his eyes, glancing at a large figure charging at him out of the corner of his eye, the figure in question a large panda.  He quickly leapt forward, evading the swipe of the panda's paw, who snarled at him.

  The young man in question was named Hayato, and he did this nearly every day, fending off the attacks of the mad panda. Hayato landed on the solid ground beside the pond, taking a fighting stance as the panda charged again.  Hayato evaded a swipe, then pulled his leg back, delivering a kick to the panda and knocking it a few feet away. But the panda would not be deterred.  It shook its head as if to clear it, then rushed at Hayato again, snapping its jaws.  Hayato simply vaulted over the beast, coming up behind it and grabbing at its sides, hoisting it up to slam it into the ground.

  Or at least he would, but upon getting the panda off the ground, his legs started to quake under the weight. He began shuffling side to side, trying to keep his balance. "W-Whoa, wait... I got this..." he said to no one in particular, before collapsing under the weight of the panda, having the wind knocked right out of hm.  Hayato laid there beneath it, eyes wide and a very confused panda on top.  The panda then climbed off of him and began licking at Hayato's face happily. "Alright, alright! You win, Brutus!" he said in defeat, pushing the panda's head away. "Ugh, panda breath..."

  Hayato stood up, dusting himself off, then stroked the panda's head.  The panda in question was actually a favored pet, and the two were merely playing it seemed.  The two began walking back to their village, but Hayato stopped abruptly as he felt a slight pain in his head. He rested a hand on Brutus to support himself, looking up briefly to see what appeared to be a person in a black cloak. He blinked once, and the person seemed to have disappeared. "What... what was that?" he asked, looking to Brutus, who looked concerned for his master.  Hayato continued on, walking by villagers tending to their fields, waving to Hayato as he went by.  Brutus wandered up to a cat that was lounging on a fence, the cat hissing at Brutus, scaring the large panda away with a whimper.  

  But as Hayato went further along, something felt off to him. He saw fewer and fewer people in his travels the closer he got to the village, which was uncommon. Hayato looked around with a look of paranoia in his eyes, sensing something was amiss. "Keep your eyes peeled, Brutus..." he said. And then they arrived at the village.  It was quiet. Far quieter than it should have been at this time of day.  But it wasn't empty.  People scattered through the village, but seeming frozen in place. Only Hayato and Brutus could move. That, and the stranger standing in the middle of the town, draped in a black cloak. "I have a need of your particular skills." the hooded person spoke, extending a hand towards Hayato. "Come willingly, and I will make this as painless as possible."  Hayato looked around in awe, then at the mystery person, scowling. "Who are you? What have you done with them!?" he said.  Hayato was usually a such a care-free person, more light-hearted than others.  Unless the situation was dire.  It took quite a bit to anger him.  The hooded person angered him quite a bit.

  Without thinking, Hayato rushed at the hooded person, not complying with their request. Hayato leaped forward, throwing a punch towards his foe, who simply shifted their body to avoid the strike. "You wish to be difficult...  I wished an audience with you, and you let your impulsiveness drive you instead of listening.  As you wish." The hooded person then looked straight at Hayato, a pair of eyes shining a faint blue underneath.  Hayato felt his mind erupt in pain yet again, but even greater than before. He held his head, falling to his knees. His eyes moved up, seeing Brutus was also in pain, crying out before falling to his side and passing out.  "I gave you an opportunity to listen.  Since you act blindly, you will be thrown into a situation where you may continue to do so. I have plans for you... and whether you realize it or not, you will adhere to what destiny has in store for you." the hooded person spoke, Hayato looking up before his eyes started to shut, blacking out.

  Hayato had no idea what was in store, who this person was, and why they wanted him.  But one thing was clear... he would not like where this was going.
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PostSubject: Re: The Man From The Forbidden Isles   The Man From The Forbidden Isles I_icon_minitime23rd June 2014, 10:18 pm

Can't believe I missed this.

100 experience!

I'll throw you into the story as soon as I can tomorrow!

If you have any questions or concerns, please PM me and I will address it as soon as I am able.
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The Man From The Forbidden Isles
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